Ways to Create Engaging Online Classes

Educators are tasked with developing one of the most precious natural resources on this planet: young minds. It may sound like an embellishment, but it’s quite true. Young minds are the future of our world, and we must take care of them. And that’s precisely what millions of educators around the world do every single day.


If you’re an educator, you know that online classes are an increasingly valid method of learning. And with this rise in online classes, educators must adapt their lesson plans for the tech. Getting students to remain engaged in a traditional classroom is a challenge in itself, and that challenge is exacerbated by online classes. So how can you find ways to engage with young students online? Read this article for some insight.


Encourage Writing

Studies show that one of the best ways to create engagement is through writing. Like any lesson plan, make sure that your online class has plenty of writing exercises. It’s a good opportunity for students to think critically on a given topic. Writing also offers an opportunity to use those memory muscles. Have you ever noticed how you tend to remember something better when you write something down? Your students will do the same.



Online learning can be tricky, since one of the greatest things about a traditional classroom is being able to work with your classmates. With online classes, that can be a bit harder to come by. But in today’s technologically-advanced world, there’s no reason a student can’t interact with another student. This is why you should focus on collaboration. Devise lesson plans specifically aimed at student interaction. Forums and discussion boards are a great way to get students to speak their minds and converse with one another.


Interactive Content

Nobody wants their learning experience to be boring. We all want that dash of fun and amazing. As an educator, how exactly can you make learning fun? One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by making your lessons games. Using third-party applications to create actual games, like Jeopardy-style quizzes, can be a great way to retain information and make the overall learning process fun. You can also incorporate visuals into your lesson plans, like videos and infographics that you can create yourself or source from the Internet.


If you’re an educator in today’s world, there’s no shortage of inventive ways to make your online class engaging. Use the tools at your disposal and you’ll have a classroom full of stars.