Jarvis Buckman

Jarvis Buckman became increasingly interested in providing opportunities for others as he worked his way up in his own career. Jarvis realized that most of the challenges he had to overcome were results of circumstances beyond his control; they had nothing to do with who he was as a person. He is inspired by his belief that there are many people that can rise to great occasions but simply need an opportunity to develop and a chance to prove themselves.

Throughout his life, Jarvis Buckman has often found ways to privately give his time to causes that inspire him. However, one of Jarvis’ earliest public displays of charitable support was when he competed in the Wall Street Boxing Charity Championship (see video below), earning over $10k for his designated charity, Say Yes to Education. Well over $100k was raised for various charitable organizations that evening. A lifetime advocate for educational opportunities, Jarvis later decided to branch out into teaching in his spare time. He continues to be inspired not only by his own industry experience but by his sister and his wife, who are both teachers.

During his tenure as a Distressed Credit Analyst at Credit Suisse, Jarvis Buckman decided to help students understand how to succeed in the aggressive and fast-paced arena of Wall Street. After some searching, he partnered with Renaissance Charter High School for Innovation. He worked with Nicholas and Rita Tishuk, the school’s founders, to create a curriculum for the “Wealth and Citizen Workshop.” Jarvis Buckman designed a 10-week workshop where he and some of his colleagues from Credit Suisse shared their insights, walking students through the practical and technical concepts that affected their own wealth and that of society in general.

For Jarvis Buckman, there’s a certain dichotomy in the professional world: the people who are in a position to make a difference are often not the people who are actually capable and caring enough to do it most effectively. That’s why he enjoys cultivating passion in people who have systematically cast aside or underrepresented and guiding these passions into a successful, effective career. He does this through volunteer work in education and empowerment initiatives. By offering his invaluable insight, stemming from both personal and professional experience, Jarvis Buckman hopes to expose both low-income and high-income students to an industry they may have heard of otherwise. In order to accomplish such, he has worked with educational professionals to present a valuable opinion worth hearing, worth teaching, and worth learning.

Jarvis currently serves as the Director of Special Situations for Parabellum Capital, LLC in New York, NY.


Jarvis Buckman’s Philanthropic Ventures

Jarvis Buckman’s long-term goal is to create a nonprofit organization that benefits exceptional teachers, paying annual bonuses correlated with the lifetime impact they make on the lives of the students they teach. In the meantime, he works on raising funds for students at Dr. Richard Izquierdo Health and Science Charter School, where his wife works. One of the unique characteristics of the school is that virtually all students graduate as certified EMTs and with training that provides a competitive advantage if they decide to attend college and pursue any of the many career paths available to healthcare professionals. In order to further bolster their education, Jarvis Buckman’s wife and her students are holding a fundraiser entitled “The Bronx Aesthetic: A Documentary.” You are invited to help any way you can. Learn more here.