Mobile Apps For Students and Educators

Mobile Apps For Students and Educators


Mobile technology has come a long way. We are now able to use mobile devices to communicate with loved ones or business partners, schedule our work and doctor’s appointments, enjoy a vast array of entertainment and even hail a cab. In short, mobile devices are almost an essential part of our lives; they’ve single-handedly changed human society. And their benefits are almost limitless, especially within the classroom.


Most educators know that technology is the way of the future for education. While many educators are waiting for the latest and greatest technological advancements to transform the classroom, let’s see how current mobile apps can provide just as much innovation in the meantime.


iTunes U

While the name might sound like some sort of “User’s Manual” for the popular Apple music application, this powerful app is actually an amazing tool for educators. With iTunes U, educators can create and organize lesson plans, work directly with students in groups or one-on-one, and grade and leave notes on assignments. If you’re an educator, you might want to look into utilizing one of Apple’s greatest tools.



The beauty of the Coursera app is the fact that it allows you to simply learn. The app offers a wide variety of free courses ranging in topics from data science to philosophy. And if you’re truly interested in the application and all of its benefits, you can actually pay for advanced courses and even earn certificates that legitimize your efforts. It’s a great opportunity for students to gain even greater knowledge on virtually any topic.



This app in particular is geared towards the creative type in all of us. With Craftsy, users can find online classes that teach all manner of creative subjects, from sewing to cooking, spinning and even woodworking. What’s more, the app allows you to purchase a beginner’s kit for certain activities. If you’re looking to indulge your creative side, or simply trying to find one in general, give Craftsy a try.