Tech Tools for Teachers to Use

Teachers are one of this country’s greatest assets. They are instrumental in teaching the country’s future generations. They mold minds and inspire the very people that will be running our country in the future. Technological advancements have allowed educators around the world to engage with students in new and exciting ways. I thought that I would highlight a few different tech tools that teachers can use to inspire their students during lessons.


Nearpod VR

I’ve discussed the implementation of VR (virtual reality) in my blogs before. It allows educators to take lessons from average to exceptional in a matter of minutes. With Nearpod VR, educators can utilize over 400 fully-realized three-dimensional environments and lessons. The beauty of Nearpod VR is that you can take your students on trips that aren’t actually possible in reality. For example, one of Nearpod’s environments is the inside of a volcano. If you want to get really creative with your lesson plans, look into Nearpod VR.


Learn Around the World

The planet is full of beautiful languages, cultures and perspectives. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could expose our students to the wonders of other cultures in a hands-on way that doesn’t involve time and money-consuming travel? Luckily, there is. Learn Around the World allows students to engage in multiple different activities and collaborative events that incorporate students from around the world. What better way to learn about another country than to visit it virtually and speak with someone from that country in real time?



Most classrooms have a healthy mix of outspoken and reserved students, but there are always the few students are very quiet in the class. Whether it’s nerves or intimidation, there’s something holding them back from participating in the class. With FlipGrid, those same shy students can record themselves answering questions and engaging in class ideas without having to step out of their comfort zone in person. What’s more, other students can respond through their own video recordings. It’s a great way to engage with students who are a bit shy and to continue the class discussion well outside of the classroom.