EdTech Companies to Know

Over the last few years the relationship between education and technology has been completely transformed. EdTech is now a rapidly growing sector, and its growth is likely to continue to accelerate in the future. The following companies have already helped fuel EdTech’s explosive advancement.


By partnering with universities around the world, Coursera offers free college courses to everyone. These types of classes are known as massive open online courses, or MOOCs. Open classes have transformed education. Now anyone can have access to courses from elite universities. Coursera has also created programs designed by these schools that offer certificates bearing their name for completing classes.


Kramer created technology that allowed students to interact regardless of their locations. Students can use any device to access their classmates’ live collaboration. They can also share their work on a central monitor. The students’ teacher also has the ability to participate, or monitor their work from a control panel. The teacher can also send unique content to each different device, meaning they can work differently with each student or small group.


The video sharing platform Kaltura has revolutionized the way schools use video. Kaltura not only stores and distributes videos, but also analyzes and monetizes video content. The platform focuses mainly on online video and streaming. Kaltura is already utilized by elite universities including Stanford and Yale.


Regardless of location, students now have the ability to learn real-world english skills thanks to the online english-teaching program Voxy. The program includes highly personalized instruction that changes based on the skills, goals, and location of the learner. The program’s clients include both individuals and professionals, as well as corporations who want to improve their employees’ proficiency in business English. Voxy also uses advanced web technologies, such as web conferencing, to make learning easier.


The goal of textbook-customizing company Blinklearning is to empower teachers to customize education through their database of digital textbooks. Teachers can create unique lesson plans using textbook content from over 30 sources around the world. These plans can be customized for each class, or even each student!


ExecOnline has transformed corporate education. The company works with business universities to offer courses to corporate clients. These courses are optimal because employees can continue their education with having to leave their workplace for long periods of time. Professionals can now enroll in high-quality professional development courses from anywhere in the world.

These examples of EdTech have already revolutionized education as we know it. As innovative and highly successful companies, they will also continue to influence the future of technology and education.