Spotlight On : Dr. Richard Izquierdo Health & Science Charter School


Education is one of the foundations of our country. Everyone is entitled and allowed to attend school from ages five to eighteen. Many young people don’t see the imperative need to attend school because they feel as though it will never prepare them for the real world. One school, located in Bronx, New York has taken this preconceived notion that students have about education and gives them a shot at a thriving future, right out of high school. Unlike any educational program out there, Dr. Richard Izquierdo Health & Science Charter School students are not only are prepared for college but upon receiving their diploma they become certified EMTs.


If you are unfamiliar with the charter school system, it’s designed to provide a free education for students of all backgrounds and incomes. The student selection is often via lottery and provides students opportunities to expand their knowledge in a less traditional way. Charter schools have much more flexibility than public schools as they have the opportunity to develop their own curriculum, build their own budget, and can challenge their students on a variety of levels.


Dr. Richard Izquierdo Charter School is one of the most unique charter schools in the country. Not only does it have a finely developed curriculum to support its students needs, but all graduates of the school are certified EMTs. Upon graduating from Dr. Richard Izquierdo Charter School, students instantly have the potential to enter a demanding and growing field. Even if these students do not want to specifically be EMTs they already have their foot in the door in the medical and science fields.


Part of the Dr. Richard Izquierdo Charter School mission is to help serve the community’s health needs. In the surrounding area, there are many health disparities that need attention. Therefore, a key object of the school is to provide students with the necessary education to take direct action in addressing these community shortcomings. With the certification to be an EMT upon graduation, these students have the ability to make changes in a meaningful way. .


The Dr. Richard Izquierdo Charter School is leading the way in diversifying education, and it is doing so through its innovative way of keeping students engaged and excited about their future. This school gives young people the tools to realize their potential and have a bright future.


If you are interested in supporting this outstanding educational organization, please consider making a donation to their annual gala. You can find all the information in regards to the gala here.