Google-Integrated Tech Tools for Teachers

If you’re an educator, then you are probably very aware of Google Classroom. For those of you who are uninitiated, Google Classroom is an online classroom management software that allows for teachers to communicate easily with students. The application seamlessly blends with G Suite’s Docs, Slides and Sheets applications, among others. It makes grading and handing out assignments a piece of cake.

And it doesn’t stop there; Google has made Classroom integrate beautifully with a variety of third-party apps. If you’re an educator, you might want to consider some of these apps to take your classroom’s creativity and fun up a huge level.

Adobe Spark

Sometimes, your classroom’s lesson plan can get a bit stale. There’s only so much that text on paper and Powerpoint presentations can do. Sometimes students require hands-on activities, and Adobe Spark allows for students to express themselves creatively. They can use the tool to create videos, pdfs and images. It is, in essence, a watered-down version of Adobe’s major applications (PhotoShop, Premiere Pro, etc.) all stuffed into one.

Pear Deck

Have you ever given a presentation, only to find that your students are dozing off because of a lack of interest? Well Pear Deck solves that issue by making presentations interactive. The tool allows teachers to create engaging presentations with multiple-choice questions and the ability to draw on presentations in real time. Additionally, teachers can gauge student interest and understanding by directly asking students if they are following along. And with the latest update, the tool can import Google Slides presentations seamlessly.


This tool is perfect for history classes. Although the premise is simple, the tool itself is quite simple. Sutori allows students to create their own timelines for any and all events throughout history. Students can use photos, videos and other visual aids for their timelines. It can be a useful tool for memorizing important historical events. Additionally, the visual aids can make for compelling presentations for class projects.

These three tools are changing the way that teachers are interacting with their students. They are allowing for students to become more engaged with their lessons, to retain more information and to express themselves creatively. And there are many more tools that can achieve even greater results! If you are an educator in today’s digital world, it might be worth your while to implement some of these into your next lesson plan.