Edupreneurs: Diving into Education Head-First

People have been starting their own companies in pretty much every industry for decades. There are constant needs for new businesses in every area, from technology to insurance. One field of work where you rarely hear the term entrepreneur is in education. As the education industry revolves around teachers and administrators, there is also a growing need for a new role, the edupreneur.


Edupreneurs are often technology-based, who develop organizations that help to support teachers and their curriculums. These businesses are created and are specifically driven to better education. They are blossoming all around the world and now employees over 3.5 million people. Already making headway with 100,000 registered establishments, the industry is bound to continue on an upward trajectory. Some of the areas that edupreneurs have already broken into include:


  • EdTech (technology to enhance the classroom experience)
  • Professional development workshops/series for educators
  • Providing teachers with the value they deserve for their tireless efforts


Education is one of the hardest industries to break into. While there will always be a need for teachers, the way that students learn is ever changing. Edupreneurs are striving to support educators around the world with useful tools and resources for their daily lives.