Coolest Technology in the Classroom

Technology is a valuable resource the world over. In education and the classroom specifically, it is a path-maker, leading students of all ages into the most advanced and effective learning environs ever seen. For those interested in learning about the latest and coolest technology available in the classroom today, I have a quick but telling run down on the current state of the art. While there is certainly more going on in this realm than I could possibly encompass here within a single blog, these following, in-use concepts tell us where we are as a whole right now.

Early Education PC’s

First, it’s only appropriate to pay a nod to the use of computers in virtually every classroom and school subject today. Years ago, this was just an aspiration, but today, computers really are found in every school and virtually every academic confine. With this said, early childhood education approaches in many schools are utilizing actual miniaturized PC’s for early learners.

The products utilized here vary greatly and are easily found throughout the market. Regardless, they all center around the theme of an interactive, handheld computer that utilizes a screen, sounds, preloaded, school subject-based, fun learning programs, and various controls for deep interaction. Yes, even those in and just emerging from toddler-hood now have regular access to computing power that rivaled the million-dollar machines of yesteryear.

Computerized Human Management Systems

In the classroom as well as in the school administrative office, we are seeing a boom in computerized human management systems. These types of systems track attendance, guest entrance into the school, guest entrance into the classroom, even bathroom trips and other activities in and around the classroom. Manual entry, barcode scanning, fingerprint identification, and other means of measurement are now being used quite regularly. Whether for security purposes or academics only, computerized tracking, the past fodder of sci-fi mags and movies is now daily reality in schools across America.

Mobile Tech

As opposed to being outlawed and ridiculed, mobile technology is now becoming much more embraced in the educational world. In the class, some students are now allowed to bring their mobile devices and use them for networking with the school, their teacher, or even outside educational venues. Teachers, students, and even parents can as well communicate quite freely as it turns out via this technology. For learning and communication, cell phones and other mobile technology, we’re finding, really isn’t all that bad.


VR, also known as virtual reality is entering the classroom at a significant rate. So far, this technology has been mainly incorporated at the high school and college classroom levels, but will surely spread to the lower age groups with a little time. In these upper levels of education, the coolest and most eye-poppingly realistic experiences await students. Virtually dissect the human nervous system, study ecosystems and meteorology via a virtual flight, learn chemistry with booms and bangs that only happen virtually, or even visit an historical location without traveling a single mile.

The world of learning has never been so absolutely advanced. In ten years, I can only imagine what a similar article might look like reviewing the state of the art. This is where we are today and this is some of the coolest classroom tech in use that I know of right now.