Jarvis Buckman Google-Integrated Tech Tools for Teachers

Google-Integrated Tech Tools for Teachers

October 29, 2018

If you’re an educator, then you are probably very aware of Google Classroom. For those of you who are uninitiated, Google Classroom is an online classroom management software that allows for teachers to communicate easily with students. The application seamlessly blends with G Suite’s Docs, Slides and Sheets applications, among others. It makes grading and handing out assignments a piece of ...

Jarvis Buckman How Can 5G Change Your Classroom?

How Can 5G Change Your Classroom?

October 1, 2018

Technology is advancing at breakneck speeds, and it continues to improve our daily lives. From construction to finance to medicine, almost every single industry imaginable has felt the drastic impact of technology’s rapid advancements. I’ve mentioned this before multiple times, but education has also felt technology’s influence quite a bit. From virtual reality to augmented reality, new and ...

Jarvis Buckman - Hands-On Experience with Financial Literacy

Hands-On Experience with Financial Literacy

September 14, 2018

Financial literacy focuses on developing skills to make someone more informed about their money management decisions. Gaining the skills and knowledge to become financially literate is a lengthy process that should start at a young age.   Financial literacy isn’t something that is required in schools and financial education falls on parents and guardians. Currently, 17 states ...

Jarvis Buckman VR in the Classroom

VR in the Classroom

August 15, 2018

I’ve discussed technology in various blogs in the past. It’s developing at breakneck speeds and fundamentally changing the way that humans interact with one another. From construction to healthcare and every industry in between. One industry that can stand to grow from technology is education. Again, I’ve highlighted this before in previous blogs, but I wanted to really hone in on one ...