Jarvis Buckman - Hands-On Experience with Financial Literacy

Hands-On Experience with Financial Literacy

September 14, 2018

Financial literacy focuses on developing skills to make someone more informed about their money management decisions. Gaining the skills and knowledge to become financially literate is a lengthy process that should start at a young age.   Financial literacy isn’t something that is required in schools and financial education falls on parents and guardians. Currently, 17 states ...

Jarvis Buckman VR in the Classroom

VR in the Classroom

August 15, 2018

I’ve discussed technology in various blogs in the past. It’s developing at breakneck speeds and fundamentally changing the way that humans interact with one another. From construction to healthcare and every industry in between. One industry that can stand to grow from technology is education. Again, I’ve highlighted this before in previous blogs, but I wanted to really hone in on one ...

Effective Teaching Methods

Effective Teaching Methods

July 20, 2018

Teachers are always looking for ways to innovate inside of their classrooms to always keep their students open to learning new things. There are “tried and true” methods that will help keep the future open for new innovation. Clarity When beginning a new unit or project with students, teachers should always provide clarity to the purpose of the new unit or project and what learning goals ...

Education Technology

The Future of Education Technology

June 22, 2018

Education today is clearly different than the education of days past. As technology has evolved, it’s been able to be used in many classrooms across the country. The question that remains, however, is how will technology in education evolve in the future? The answer to this question isn’t so much concerning how students learn. It revolves more around how and what instructors will ...