Jarvis Buckman Extra Curriculars

Extracurricular Activities and Student Success

May 3, 2018

  When adults are asked to reflect upon their childhood, most often, memories of sports teams, clubs, and teams come to mind. Growing up, these extracurricular activities helped to shape our future endeavors. Both professional and personal interactions would reap the benefits from our after-school activities.   For me, being a part of my high school robotics team, was a great ...


It’s Financial Literacy Month!

April 6, 2018

Over the years, I have shared my passion for educating and the important role of understanding personal finance. The term “financial literacy” is one, that over time, has continued to gain more relevance. In the past, I have shared how schools and governments are realizing the need to push for better means of financial education. April happens to be financial literacy month in the United ...


Financial Literacy: A Never Ending Lesson

March 7, 2018

  In a majority of my blogs, I have discussed  the importance of educating young students in financial literacy. It makes sense that we teach at a young age, because it prepares students for the future that lies ahead. However, it is never too late to gain knowledge and experience when it comes to personal finance. Many adults lost out on the opportunity to become financially literate. ...

Jarvis Buckman education trends for 2018

Education Trends for 2018

February 28, 2018

  Last year, we continued to see the education system develop and integrate technology into learning. Over the past decade, the way that students are educated has evolved in many ways and it seems as though there is no sign of such changes slowing down. As we enter the third month of 2018, experts are already predicting some trends for the end of this school year and the beginning of ...